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Gacha - how to get new heroes

on Tue 12 Dec - 18:18

This is how you obtain new mercs outside of winning them in events or purchasing for emeralds in special shop. It falls into two categories, classic and premium. Each gacha has a level attached to it that can be increased with stars (grey for classic, pink for premium) up to level 4. This boosts the drop rate for subsequent pulls until you get a high rarity Merc which then resets this level to 1. To increase the level simply tap the star icon on the relevant gacha.


Using gold earned in game you can pull classic gachas for 1k each. These will give you common rare or epic mercs. Drop rates are lower for higher rarities. You can pull one at a time or ten at once. Use grey stars to level classic gacha up to level 4 before pulling mercs. I find it effective to raise to lvl4 and then just pull 10 at a time until the level gets reset. But to truly make the most you could do one at a time.


These are pulled using Diamonds!! Legendary Epic and Rare mercs are available. Drop rates for higher rarities are lower. ALWAYS use pink stars to increase gacha level to level 4 before pulling mercs. IMPORTANT.... pull premium gacha one at a time and use stars to raise level inbetween everytime. Do not purchase the 10+1 pack as although you get one extra drop, if your first drop was epic or legendary all subsequent drops from that 11 would be back at level 1 as the level would reset. This works out much worse than doing them individually. You have been warned.

Use hero's day in combination with level 4 gachas to really get the most out of the drop rates. A level 4 premium gacha on hero's day is x3 drop rate for level and then x3 drop rate for hero's day. So 9x more likely to pull a legend than without these.

Happy hunting

Credit to Hustler for creating this post
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