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Evolving your heroes

on Tue 12 Dec - 18:16

You can evolve many mercs in crown chronicles. If unsure look at the Merc description and it will say evo x/y. Where x is the current level of evolution and y is the maximum.

Every time you evolve a Merc it will retain a certain % of it's original stats meaning the next evolution will be stronger. It also may increase the level of that mercs skill/skills but this does not happen at every evolution.

Whilst you can evolve a Merc from level 10 onwards this will only retain 5% of the stats from previous evolution. To get the full max of 20% the Merc MUST be at level 40.

It costs a lot of gold to evolve at level 40, but it is well worth it to achieve a "POPE" version of your merc, ie the strongest it can be.

Credit to Hustler for creating this post.
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