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Fusion forge

on Tue 12 Dec - 18:18
Fusion Forge

This is how you increase the stats boost and proc % of skills for your weapons. It's important to remember you need red match weapons to boost proc on both skills for dual skill mercs, whereas single skill mercs only need white match weapons.

Boosting Stats

Go to chest and select fusion forge. Select the weapon you want to upgrade. It will bring up the bar where you can add shards or weapons to the weapon. To boost stats select weapon tab and then select any weapons you have spare to fuse to your weapon you are boosting. REMEMBER.... These weapons will be gone forever. Each weapon you use will add a certain amount of points to your weapon until it levels up. Every time it levels up it adds value to hp and atk boost. Max level is 10. The higher the rarity of weapon used will give higher values of added points to the boost.

Boosting Proc %

Proc is the chance that weapon will trigger it's skill. Select fusion forge and choose weapon. Then add shards to the weapon to increase its skill level. This will add a % to your proc. Max Skill level is 10. The higher value shards give more points toward raising skill level but cost more gold to use. But it's worth the cost as higher proc gives you the best chance to win in quests and arenas. IMPORTANT... If you fuse an identical weapon to your weapon it will add 1% to your proc even if skill level is already at max of 10. You can do this 10 times. So every weapon can go 10% beyond its stated maximum proc

Credit to Hustler for creating this post
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