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Overview of arena

on Tue 12 Dec - 18:15

Pick your best 5 mercs to go head to head in classic PvP action against other players.

Starting at fight one, battle against chains of 8 other squads to complete a "loop". Complete 10 loops (80 fights) to complete a loop set.

Every loop completed give a you a ever increasing points multiplier for each successive loop until all 80 fights are won, after which it resets. Each successive loop therefore gives higher and higher points.

For the first few loops you will play against similar level opponents based on overall value of mercs on your account (not necessarily in squad). Later loops will see you matched against harder opponents.

At the end of each fight you will be awarded gold based on how well your squad fought. Most gold is earned for perfect victories. At the end of each loop you will get bonus gold and extra items such as mini diamonds, stars, shards and more.

When competing in the arena there are participation rewards that are paid to your inbox when you make certain milestone values of points. These are viewable from the main Arena page. At the end of the arena rewards are given based on your final score and position. These combine into your "tier" ranking, quite simply which percentile of all runners you finished in. So top 2 % get top prize, top 3-5% get 2nd prize and so on. It is worth noting you get the reward for your tier plus every tier beneath you. Rewards are viewable from the rewards tab in main arena page.

Points boosts occur at random times giving you 1.5x the points for 10 minites. Obviously hitting one of these in a higher loop is very advantageous.

If you are being beaten by a specific team try changing your squad, or just retry numerous times. By chance even a weak team may beat a stronger team. The other 2 options are spending diamonds to go "all out" meaning your squad gets a large multiplier to atk and hp. Or you can quit loop and start all over again from fight 1! this is not advisable, but sometimes is the only option.

Whilst you obtain exp for your account level in the arena you do not gain exp for the mercs in squad.

View the leaderboard at anytime by hitting the rankings tab in main arena page.

Once established set up multiple squads to beat a variety of other squads so you can flick left or right and use the most suitable mercs to defeat the squad you are matched against

Good Luck 😂😂😂

Credit to Hustler who created this post.
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