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Overview of quests

on Tue 12 Dec - 18:14

This is the story mode in crown chronicles. Battle through zones and chapters to regain the crown.

Use a squad of Mercs to go through the zones. Differing opponents in zones means different Mercs will have greater success. If you are unable to complete a specific zone either level up your mercs or try a different combination of mercs in your squad.

Zones have 2 levels of difficulty, normal and expert. This can be toggled via the button in top right hand corner. The default is normal. Expert is much harder but gives much greater rewards.

Every 5th zone is a boss zone, which may be a challenge for your squad. Watch the replay if you lose and then think about which Merc skills may help you defeat that boss. These zones give a much higher chance of Legendary weapon drops.

The zones have increasing time periods for your squad to walk through and complete. While this is happening you can use items to revive or heal your mercs as necessary. These are accessed via the items button in bottom right corner. Select item you want to use and then tap Merc icon and the item will be used on that merc. Or buy and use auto quest items from the shop and enable it before starting the zone.

You can fast forward using mini diamonds to complete zones instantly. The more time remaining the more mini diamonds it will cost to do this.

You gain exp for your account plus all mercs in squad while playing quests. If you use a red tonic from the item menu prior to starting quests it will give you double the exp for that zone. Red tonic once activated lasts 30 minutes and covers all squads in quests. Also you get an exp boost if your squad leader survives so put a strong Merc in the first position in squad.

There is a quest speed bonus twice daily where quests take a fraction of the time to complete. Utilise this to level up your mercs quickly. Combine this with red tonics and mini diamond fast forwards to really make the most of the speed boost and build your mercs up quickly.

Credit to Hustler who created this post.
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