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Magnesis Tips for new comers

on Thu 1 Feb - 17:09
L means Legendary

Hero days are the best times to use your diamonds

On Friday and Saturday L drop rates are 4x higher

You basically have a 50% chance of getting an L if you level the gacha to max

The friend screen is a bit quirky, There is a button at the top right corner you need to tap to cycle through the different friend screens
But from the home screen tapping friends then pending should show you requests you have not accepted yet

Also your inbox has limited capacity 500 item, Once its full you will not be able to start a quest till you clear some space

As your account level increases you will get travel speed bonuses which will shorten quest completion times

Higher level quests require more time to complete, It gets a lot better

And at certain times during the day there is a travel speed boost which will further reduce quest times

The number of squad slots will also increase as your account levels till you get to a max of 5 slots, Same for battle points Max is 5. Battle points are used for special events (arena, raid boss, SBS).

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