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SBS Switch Blitz Score

on Mon 15 Jan - 13:41
The SBS is my favorite event for some reasons :
- Very strategic : you have to fully understand the logic of the event to score.
- Almost anyone can win, a new player is able to win if he has the good team.
- Don’t need much involment (once you have a good team).
- The luck is important (pro and cons for me) and as I am a lucky guy …

The aim of the event is to build a team of 5 mercs and chain 10 fights (with 2 bosses, fight number 6 and 10). Your mercs don’t recover health after the fights but you can use any potion you between 2 fights.

The rule that changes everything is the following : the more you mercs are weak (in terms of rarity) and the more your weapons are weak (same terms) the more score multipliers you’ll get. If i remenber a legendary get a x1 multiplier and a common get a x4 multiplier. The impact is really huge.

Next rule : every potion you use cost you a bad multiplier x0,95 or 0,8 depending on the potion.

If your Captain stay alive in all the fights you get a good multiplier at the end.

If you win a fight with your mercs full life not hitted during the fight (note that with a PV buff you can also get it if your mercs aren't hit more than the amount of this buff) you get the « perfect multiplier » (x5)
If you win the fight very quick you get the « quick battle » multiplier (x2 ,5)
There other multiplier if you mental control the boss … never did so don’t know the multiplier.

By the way : the multipliers are cumulative so a quick battle full life is clearly worth it.

So to built a team you’ll need common mercs level 40, common weapon level 10 (both levels) + the bonus linked to the fusion of 10 identical weapon to maximise your chances to proc.

Your team will have to be adapted to the current fight :

 The end boss is really hard : you’ll have to adapt your team to the boss first then optimise damage and heal for others fight. IMO in this case the point can’t get too high so getting one or too perfect multiplier will do the trick.
 The end boss is weak : here you’ll have to get a team wich can do a maximum damage but still staying alive to get somme of those multiplier and reach high score.
 Each fight should be analysed to choose the good counter, but you have to keep the same team during all of the 10 fights so your team have to be flexible.

Now you get the basis next step ? try and try more, give a team at least 10 tries, if you get some « perfect » and « quick battle » try more and more to reach the maximum you can get. Remember your team is composed of common weapon so : 40% proc, your will statistically won’t proc but the more try you do the more chance you’ll have to get a good try.

Now let’s try it and good luck to you all (for next SBS of course).
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